Where in the world?

So, full disclosure…before coming to Guadeloupe (no, actually, before applying to come to Guadeloupe) I had really no idea that the island existed or that there was any kind of affiliation to France. Now, of course, I know better, but it might be worth it for some of you for a little geography lesson in order to really understand where in the world I find myself. Below, I present to you, a map of the Caribbean. Take a close look and see if you can locate Guadeloupe or any other islands that you might not have noticed or even knew existed. Guadeloupe is part of the Lesser Antilles:

Caribbean Map


If you want to dig further into the geography of France, check out this map of other regions or territories that are also french.

Guadeloupe is in the shape of a butterfly or “papillon” and is technically an archipelago because there are several islands that are part of the Région d’outre-mer or DOM:

Guadeloupe map

I live in a small town a few kilometers inland of Basse Terre (you can see it on the map above; it is located in the southwest part of Guadeloupe), which is technically the administrative capital of the island but is smaller in population (I think around 15,000) than the economic capital, Point a Pitre. Basse Terre, in comparison to Grande Terre, is very lush and green. Waterfalls or “chutes”, and hikes, or “randonnées”, abound. This is good because I’m already noticing that it would be pretty easy to become comfortably fat here. The heat and the delicious food, which is also readily available, especially since I live with a Guadeloupian woman who loves to cook, make for a perfect recipe of consuming calories and not making too much of an effort to move about. At the same time, I sweat constantly, and since I don´t have a vehicle I walk everywhere.


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