Cuando el sueño supera a la razón

I need to post this entry before any more time goes by! As many of you may know this summer I took about five weeks away from the Bay to take part in a youth program, mostly on the East Coast. It’s been a month since I have been back and upon re-entry into my Bay Area home and community, I have felt a profound sense of joy, comfort, and ease to the pace of life here. I think this is primarily due to the fact that this summer I had the experience of facilitating and interpreting for a youth program for youth from Latin America. I have to say that these youth, high-school age, brought out the best in me as a person…through them I was able to tap into recesses of myself that have long been mooted.

On a somewhat related note (I’ll get to why it’s related later on), this past week I’ve found an artist that I really like by the name of Xoel López. It is and if you speak Spanish maybe you’d be interested in reading one of his interviews. In his album Atlántico, there is a song entitled Buenos Aires, pretty unassuming, but I translate Buenos Aires to be like any grand metropolis with smells, and people, and rhythms that eventually formed part of who he was. I assume that in this song he talks about his struggle to be an artist in a world full of entrepreneurs, businessmen and capitalists. My main take-away of this particular song is that he let all caution go to the wind and harnessed his dream instead. Sailing on the seas of his dreams, he now awaits his next big break, and will go in whatever the direction his dreams take him.

I wanted to translate this song for those of us who better understand English…hopefully you enjoy it. And, listen to it as you go along, if you’d like.

Buenos Aires

Llegué a escupir la nostalgia
A escurrirme en los raíles de mi memoria
A quitarle la careta al pasado
Cansado de estar cansado

I finally came to spit out nostalgia
To slip away on the train tracks of my memory
To remove the mask of my past
I am tired of being tired

Me guiaba aquel viento del norte
El que seguían los viejos poetas
Cansado de tantas apuestas
Aposté todo al caballo perdedor

Guided by the northern wind
The one that poets of yore followed
Tired of making so many bets
I wagered everything on the losing horse  

Buenos Aires querido
Son tus aires de nuevos amores
Como un loco perdido
Persiguiendo el olor de tus Kioscos de flores

Buenos Aires my dear
New love is in the air
Like a crazy lost soul
I follow the smell of your flower shops

Llegué como tantos llegaron
A perderme en el eco de tus días de gloria
A tumbarme junto a tu costado
Cansado de estar cansado

I arrived like countless before me
To lose myself in the echo of your glorious days
To lay alongside you
I am tired of being tired

A ver que nada es tan importante
Que es tan solo una cuestión de tiempo
Y aunque el bolsillo gritaba consuelo
El peregrino marchaba ya sin solución

To see that nothing is that important
That everything is a matter of time
And though my pocket screamed that I console it
The traveler marched on now without a solution

Buenos Aires…
Salté de un recuerdo lejano
A dejarme caer como una hoja en la hierba
A perderme en tu jardín plateado
Cansado de estar cansado

I jumped from a distant memory
To fall to the ground like a leaf on the grass
To lose myself in your silver-colored garden
I am tired of being tired

No era más que el fervor de un momento
Pero las primaveras fueron pasando
Y que importa aquí, o allá o hasta cuando
Cuando el sueño supera a la razón

It was nothing more than the fervor of a moment
But your spring seasons kept passing by
And what does the “here”, the “there” or the “until when” matter
When a dream trumps reason

Buenos Aires…

Entré a vagar por tu cuerpo
A vestir un abrigo de un tiempo olvidado
A acostarme junto a tu costado
Cansado de estar cansado

I came to wander your body
To take refuge in a forgotten time
To lay down beside you
I am tired of being tired

Y así hoy camino por tus venas
Sin tener que esconderme en tus faldas
Para hacer de tus faltas mis penas
Y de mis penas un perfume embriagador

And that’s how today I walk through your veins
Without having to hide myself in your lap
To make your faults my suffering
And of my suffering an intoxicating perfume

Buenos Aires…

Bajé de la cima soñada
Donde las nubes cubrían el horizonte
Y recordé todo el tiempo olvidado
Cansado de estar cansado

I came down the mountaintop I dreamt up
Where the clouds covered the horizon
And I remembered all the forgotten times
I am tired of being tired

Y camaradas, hablemos en plata
Que ya se va acercando la noche
Antes de que aquel viento del norte
Vuelva marcando una nueva dirección

And comrades, let’s talk of silver/money
Because nightfall is fast approaching
Before the wind of the north
Comes to outline a new direction

Buenos Aires querido
Son tus aires de nuevos amores
Como un loco perdido
Persiguiendo el olor de tus Kioscos de flores

Buenos Aires my dear
New love is in the air
Like a crazy lost soul
I follow the smell of your flower shops

I like his music and his style because it seems as though he isn’t a person that just makes or writes songs, but that actually first lives them. His lyrics are like a way of living his everyday life that he then shares with the world and then you are able to enjoy it with him. Me enganché, or I was fascinated by that fact that Xoel talks about being “tired of being tired.” Before going out to the east coast this summer I was in the same mood. I was tired of looking for my next gig, of creating a community in the Bay Area, of trying to be myself, etc. Everything felt like something that I had to do, instead of just being me. I think the youth I worked with over the course of just four short weeks really allowed me to feel all the depths of who I was. I am grateful for them for allowing me the opportunity to be myself. And now, I remember them while I try to sniff out, or simply notice, what new love might be in the air.