Passion Personified

View from the Fort Napoleón in Iles des Saintes, Guadeloupe. Overlooking a giant “pirate” ship with sails down.

The poets among us know that when things creep up in your system the only way of getting them out is words, arranged on a page, in a way that only a poem can transmit. And so I share with you today what has crept up from my feet, through my legs, up my spine, and out of my head:


My passion for you, like any other passion,

Billows like wind in the sails of a gargantuan boat

And as the wind comes in and out of the sails

Swelling back and forth

Breathing in and out like a beast

But remaining small in relation to the great expanse around

The ocean that contains.

The boat, the sails, the breath—contained.

But my passion is hardly enclosed

And I remain curious, expectant, at how

In the grand scheme of things

Will I ever.


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