Quito and Goodbyes

I’m currently in the airport, about to leave Quito and in route to Lima, Peru. My brother dropped me off at the old airport (to take the bus to the new airport) where I left Quito a little less than 12 years ago. At that time, I was leaving at least one loved one behind. During my study abroad I had gotten close to a Chilean guy who was in Quito studying to be a lawyer since the degree and the process was a bit easier to come by in Ecuador than in his home country. I was young and maybe I was in love, but I was probably just enthralled with the encounter, once again, of my second home and someone that understood the part of me that I could never get in touch with in the United States.

Cuando me despedí de él le entregué mi gogó negro que tenía alrededor mi muñeca, era bien usado, y le dije que sin duda me iba a ver de nuevo, y corrí las escaleras de mi apartamento y no lo volví a ver hasta lo que pareciera una eternidad después.

When I said goodbye to him I gave him my hair tie which was wrapped around my wrist, it was black and well-used, and I told him that without a doubt I would see him again, and I ran up the stairs of my apartment and I didn’t see him again for what seemed like an eternity.

Luego, en el aeropuerto me despedí de todos mis amigos queridos con quien había pasado mucho tiempo durante los últimos cinco meses. Y con algunos los volví a ver, y con otros he perdido más bien el contacto, pero siguen en mi corazón y en mi mente. Perdidos solamente cuando hay un fallo en la memoria y recordados siempre en momentos adecuados. 

Then, in the airport, I said goodbye to all my dear friends that I had spent so much time with during the last five months. And some of them I saw again, and others I lost touch, but they still live on in my heart and my mind. Lost only to the glitches in my memory and remembered whenever an appropriate occasion arises.

Hoy día la despedida fue mucho más tranqui. Es difícil igual, desperdirte de las personas a quien más quieres. Pero a la vez, te vas con la confianza de que los volverás a ver en el futuro no tan lejano y que ellos viven siempre en ese pedacito de corazón que has reservado para las personas quienes más han sido parte de tu vida y quienes más te quieren–sin importar lo que hacés. 

Today the goodbye was a lot less difficult. At the same time, it’s hard to say goodbye to the people that you love the most. But you go on your way with the assuredness that you will see them again in the not-so-far-off future and that they always have a part of your heart that you have reserved for those people whom have been the biggest part of your life and who you love the most–no matter what.


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